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St Louis HVAC Company that is going “Green”

We are continuing our reviews of St Louis Green companies and today’s feature company is St Louis Heating and CoolingThey have been a staple in the St Louis area for many years when it comes to HVAC, AC Repairs, and Furnace Repairs. They fixed hundreds of air conditioning units this past summer and gearing up for a busy winter with furnaces and boilers going out as well. The products they use and the way they do certain jobs are what truly make this company green!

Why You Want To Use A Furnace Repair Company That Used “Green” Technology

If you are going to be hiring a furnace repair company, you should go with one that uses “green” technology It would be best for your home and for the environment. You can feel good about your choices and know that you would be making a difference in this world.

The first step is figuring out which companies do use it and what that really means. “Green” could mean different things to different people. Take your time and call the companies in your area to ask what they use. Make sure you can find out specifics and what they use.

You will want to find out what type of equipment they use as well as which types of products. Both can be why they call themselves “green.” You want to make sure you are happy with what they are using. If not, move on to the next company and ask them about it because you should be able to find a company that thinks it is important.

When it comes to using “green” products, you should think about the benefits when you are deciding on how important they are. Using them means less chemicals in the home which is better for your family. It also means that you will help save the environment and make the world a better place.

After you have found a furnace repair company that does use “green” technology, you might want to start buying other more natural products for your home. You can start with cleaners and go from there. In today’s world there is a lot to choose from.

If you are not sure which products to get for your home you can always ask a friend that you know who buys them. They would have an idea of what works and what doesn’t. If you don’t know anyone you can always just buy a few different types and see which ones work best for you.

Whether it is for a company you want to hire or just for your own personal use, it is a good idea to look into using more “green” products. You can really clean up the way that you do things and it will be better for everyone in your home. Find products you feel good about and that work well and you will be glad that you did.

I hope you found our review of St Louis Heating and Cooling as interesting as we did and hope they continue their Green efforts in the STL area. We hope many more companies join their efforts. You can check out their Facebook Page here too – St Louis Heating and Coolings Facebook Page

St Louis Businesses are Going Green

St Louis Business’ are going “green”. It’s becoming all the rage lately and what’s good for the planet is becoming good for business.

Please watch the video to further understand what we are talking about. News Channel 9 did a story on it and detailed everything greatly. We hope you like it.

We will begin looking for more green businesses in the St Louis, Mo area and plan to do follow up articles on them as well.

If we all get on the same

page about helping the community and the planet, the world could, WILL be a much better place.

Please let us know if you have any comments or concerns.

Apple CEO Finally Comes Out of the Closet… I’m proud to be gay.

Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook came out Thursday, acknowledging openly for the very first time that he is gay.
“Let me be clear: I’m pleased to be gay, and I think about being gay among the best presents God has actually offered me,” he composed in a column in Bloomberg Businessweek.

In his column, the Apple (AAPL, Tech30) chief said that he had tried to preserve “a standard level of privacy.” However he stated he decided that desire for personal privacy was stopping him from working for the benefit of others.

“I don’t consider myself an activist, however I understand just how much I have actually benefited from the sacrifice of others,” he stated. “So if hearing that the Chief Executive Officer of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is, or bring convenience to any individual who feels alone, or inspire individuals to demand their equality, then it’s worth the give-and-take with my own privacy.”.
Related: Tim Cook isn’t really the only freely gay CEO.

Cook, who matured in Alabama, said he has actually long been open about his sexual preference, however had simply not previously discussed it publicly.
“A lot of colleagues at Apple understand I’m gay, and it does not seem to make a distinction in the way they treat me,” he composed. “Naturally, I’ve had the good luck to work at a company that enjoys imagination and innovation and understands it can just flourish when you welcome individuals’s differences. Not everyone is so lucky.”

There have actually been some reports and speculation that Cook is gay. Out magazine had actually formerly called him as the most effective gay individual on its Power 50 list.

However there are no other openly gay CEO’s at the 700 largest corporations. John Browne served as CEO of BP (BP) from 1995 to 2007, and acknowledged he was gay after he was required to leave office. He resigned when a previous boyfriend outed him. He has actually since composed a book “The Glass Closet: Why Coming Out is Great Business.”.
Browne revealed his support for Cook on Thursday, stating, “By choosing to speak openly about his sexuality, Tim Cook has become a function design, and will speed up changes in the business world. This is a vital step in the journey to uncompromising and full inclusion of LGBT individuals.”.

Previous Chief Executive Officer on being out of the closet.
A year earlier, Cook revealed support for a federal law which would have protected workers from dealing with discrimination based upon their sexual preference.
“For too long, a lot of individuals have had to hide that part of their identity in the work environment,” he composed at the time.
And in December at an occasion arranged by his alma mater Auburn University, he spoke of handling discrimination in his life.
“I have seen and have actually experienced many types of discrimination, and all of them were rooted in the worry of individuals that were different than the bulk,” he stated because speech.

What Makes a Good SEO Company?

Alaska Seo

So what really makes a good and reliable SEO company? There are so many of them out there that say they know what they are doing but are completely lost at the same time. Some cost $30 a month and others are $3,000 a month. How can you tell them apart? Well, I have listed out a couple key components to keep an eye on. I hope this helps because I just went thru this same process a few months ago and it was  little overwhelming.

Qualities of a good SEO company

If you are going to invest search engine optimization (SEO), it is important to take time and choose the best one for your needs. You can find a good SEO company by determining if it has these things.


Find an experienced SEO company that has been offering the service for a number of years. Look for the testimonials that the company has and if there are any recommendations. Establish the number of clients that the company is serving currently. Asking around for company reputation is another good way of finding out the performance. Talk to friends, ask other businesses, get into some forum discussions or simply browse the internet. Associates are a good source of information about the good companies and the ones to avoid.

Accreditation or Certification

It is advisable to work with companies with accreditation or certification by professional bodies because they have a good reputation for using appropriate optimization techniques. There are some great SEO companies without accreditation providing great service. However, some of them use unscrupulous tactics that are unacceptable to terms of service by many search engines. Such companies might cause your company to be barred from search engine ranking sites   because of their inappropriate techniques.

A good SEO company should use legitimate means if your website is to gain best rankings on Yahoo, Google or Bing. They should not some tricks designed to fool search engines. The builders of search engines are very smart because they spend their careers catching spam. There are high chances that your site will be dropped from the search results.

Many sites that achieved a top ranking for their keywords because of spammed link building have in the past tanked. You should therefore ask the company whose services you are interested in about the strategies it uses to get websites to be top of search results. Companies that do not provide an answer could be using unethical ways. These include irrelevant link building, IP cloaking or using duplicate content.

Online Presence 

The purpose of using an SEO company is to gain an online presence.   A reliable SEO company should therefore have created an undeniable internet presence for itself. Also being said they should have its name appearing on leading search engines for main keywords. SEO companies that cannot get lift itself to be among the top search engine rankings do not have any chance to get yours up there. This check is therefore essential in reflecting whether a company can do proper search engine optimization on your website.

Custom-made service 

You can only claim to really see results with your SEO if you use a company that offers personalized services. In order to achieve this, the SEO company needs to assess your current website to determine where the weaknesses and strengths lie.

You should not just choose a company because it offers cheapest package since it is unlikely to be tailored for your needs. The only way that a search engine optimization company can understand your needs is by reviewing and auditing the website through sustained dialogue.

Knowledge in search engine algorithm

A dedicated search engine optimization firm needs to aware of latest search engine algorithms. Since algorithms change significantly each year, any good SEO company should have strategies to plan your site for future. Since internet rules change frequently, a good company should be prepared to adapt changes with ease.


Wide Repertoire 

Good SEO companies have a wide range of strategies. There are varying features to successful SEO. You should therefore pick a service which is skilled in applying all of them. Do not settle for a company that is only good in writing SEO rich content or creating backlinks because it will not help you in achieving maximum success. A committed SEO company should have skills to build a strategy whereby each strand complements the next one.


Keyword creation

Find out how an SEO company will determine the best keywords for your business. A good SEO company should be knowledgeable about the   right keywords to bring more traffic to visit your website. The company should also have good keywords to monetize it.

This is achieved by creating performing thorough research on your niche and competitors. Good companies focus on  better performing competitors to determine why they are ranked higher. The reasons why a competitor is ranked higher will help in finding a solution to improve your website.

My results

So after all is said and done, who did I end up going with that will help me along the way with my SEO efforts? I chose to hire the guys up at Alaska Search Engine Optimization Experts in Anchorage, Alaska. They specialize with local businesses but also do SEO for people nationwide like me. So far they have been outstanding and helped me understand every little aspect that matters to my business. I couldn’t have asked for more and they meet all the requirements I mention in this post. Just go ahead and Google the term “alaska seo expert” and see what comes up. They blanket the whole first page!

I hope this post helps those that read it and leave a comment if you like!

Apple Pay is Going to be Huge…

apple pay “Apple Pay is going to be huge,” Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said last week. “It’s going to alter the way we pay for things.”.

Well, maybe. They vital expression is going to. Someday.

The excellent news.
Technically speaking, Apple has actually knocked this one from the park. Apple Pay is the very best thing Apple’s performed in years.

Envision that a cashier has actually sounded up your purchase. When you ‘d typically pull out your credit card, right here’s the minute. Now, with Apple Pay, you hold your iPhone near the card reader with your thumb resting on the house button.

The phone wakes, beeps, vibrates, and shows an image of your charge card (minus the number). That implies you’re done. You’ve paid. You can leave.

The entire thing doesn’t even take 2 seconds. I bought things in four stores without a glitch. I never needed to sign anything, either (although I’m told that some storekeepers in some cases demand a signature anyhow).

Onstage at the Apple statement, Cook also said that Apple Pay is “an entirely brand-new method to spend for things,” which part’s not true. Individuals have actually been paying with their phones in Europe for many years.

And even in this country, Google has actually offered something similar for two years: Google Wallet. But it’s not as great an experience. You have to wake the phone, unlock it, hold it near the reader, then tap in a security code. It’s slower than simply swiping a credit card.

Virtually no one makes use of Google Wallet. (This week, at the 7-Eleven near my home, the clerk told me that the last individual to use Google Wallet in his store was me, when I reviewed it two years back.).

However Apple Pay is not only faster than swiping a charge card– it’s likewise much, much more protected.

You know all those breaches recently? Target, House Depot, Staples? All those card numbers were stolen from the shops. Bad individuals couldn’t take it if you might avoid your credit card number from sitting in the store’s database.

That’s how Apple Pay works. The establishment never sees, gets, or establishments your credit card number. Instead, the phone transfers a momentary, one-time, encoded number that indicates nothing to the merchant. It includes confirmation codes that only the card issuer (your bank) can verify and translate. (Google Wallet works this method, too.).

In shorts, the merchant never even experiences your credit card number. Or your name, for that matter.

Even the devious store employee who might be tempted to copy down your name and card number is prevented; no card is ever handed over.

Apple, for its part, does not understand exactly what you purchased. It gets only the “approximate time and location” of the deal– confidential details that’s not related to you personally. (Google, on the other hand, has a total record of what you buy.).

And exactly what if your phone is stolen? Too bad– for the burglar. He can not buy anything without your fingerprint. And, naturally, you can always go to iCloud and put your phone into Lost mode, making it further ineffective without your password and finger print.

Why you should run your own business

KeepCalm Superb reasons for starting your own business

There are numerous reasons to open your own business. Despite your reasons, you first should concentrate your efforts in succeeding the new business in small scale.   Keep a close eye on the business and if you notice that it is growing, add some more capital for expansion. This will increase chances of making it big.


Some of the top reasons to start your business are:

Good reward for your effort

As an employee, you could be having questions as to why you earn the same even when you work harder. The reason is that your salary is fixed. When you start an own business, you sell more by exerting more effort in marketing it to gain more profits. Your income will therefore be dictated by the effort you will exert. By earning more, it becomes a motivation to work more for your business.

Being your own boss

Many times, people consider their businesses to be burdening because they have to report to bossy superiors or have to deliver things that a bossy superior wants them to do. Since the demands by bosses may never end, chances of losing your job are high, especially when the employer dislikes your performance. Your boss in the end will be holding your lifeline more than yourself. You gain power in your lifeline when you open your own business and be your own boss. Starting yourself a business therefore becomes a good way of controlling your life.

Freedom to make decisions

One of the most enjoyable things about starting your own business is the freedom to do the things you truly want to. This in turn gives you the advantage to do your own things that will not feel as work because you enjoy doing them. The chances of success are high when doing something that you cherish rather than consider it to be work.

Working at chosen pace

“ASAP” and “Urgent” are words that workers dread most. At times, the use of these words is an excuse by bossy superiors who had failed to delegate ordinary work on time. With your own business, you will have the freedom to create your schedule and move freely at the chosen pace.

Frustrated Worker Unlimited opportunity to grow

The most amazing thing about starting your business is the chance of growth. Although it will not expand overnight, you can make it a road to coveted riches by putting in much effort in making it grow. There are many people who started off with a retail store but after putting much effort, they get a high number of customers until they are forced to open another. In the end, some of these businesses grow to be large.

To open your own business is taking a huge risk, therefore you should be sure there is available market. Never quit your day job before your business is up off the ground, running, and making money! If you do go ahead and quit your day job before your business is profitable I hope you have the means to tread water for some time. It could take months, if not years to be profitable.

All in all though, have fun and live life. YOLO!